Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fiat + Yamaha in MotoGP

For the next two MotoGP world championships, Fiat Automobiles will be the new Title Sponsor of Yamaha which, starting this season, will be called the Fiat Yamaha Team. While Fiat’s press release declares that this is ‘an original sponsorship deal which, for the very first time, links the four-wheel with the two-wheel worlds in the form of two brands that have played memorable roles in the history of racing and of industry’, Proton too has been linked with the KR motorcycle racing team and has been more than just a title sponsor too.
In addition, the setting up of the Fiat Yamaha Team moves forward the strategy of Fiat aimed at targeting a younger clientèle with innovative, accessible products, but also with initiatives of great appeal and high emotive impact. The sponsorship deal for the next two MotoGP seasons fits into this context as the MotoGP championship is an event which attracts young racing fans more than any other. It helps, of course, that the undisputed icon of the two-wheel circus is an Italian rider, Valentino Rossi, who is in the Fiat Yamaha Team.
The Fiat-Yamaha partnership is said to be an ‘innovative cooperation arrangement’ which abandons the confines of a sponsorship deal pure and simple to reach out to a broader platform of communication and advertising.

A new logo has been created consisting of the wording “team”, the Italian flag and the Fiat and Yamaha logos, as well as a series of liveries that will alternate on the two works bikes of Rossi and Colin Edwards. The identity of the two brands thus finds an ideal place in which to develop a new graphic and chromatic language capable of speaking directly to a dynamic, young public.
The global sponsorship deal will enable Fiat to promote campaigns using the sporting image of the riders and that of the Fiat Yamaha Team technicians.


PatBikerGuy said...

What's the fastest motorcycle? harley, honda, bmw or yamaha. Rate at lovebiker

amin.k said...

hi patbikerguy, the fatest bike with a good performance right now still HAYABUSA.