Friday, June 29, 2007

The newest ZX-6R takes the class by surprise. Last year’s bike was unreal but this new one totally raises the bar for 600 performance.

Ini ada tips untuk menunggang superbike.

Step By Step Instruction
We approach instruction from the bottom up. Keith started by noticing problems all riders have to deal with. Some of these involve inefficient use of the controls. Take a close look at this list.
The Fourteen Control Actions of Riding:
Throttle off to just on. (The initial action from off to slightly positive throttle.)
Rolling off throttle, toward less or completely off
Throttle on and rolling on, toward more or full throttle
Brake(s) off to brake(s) on. (The initial braking action.)
Brake(s) on, going toward less or no braking
Brake(s) on, going toward harder braking
Clutch coming in
Clutch going out
No pressure on bars to some pressure on the bars
Pressure on the bars to no pressure on the bars
Pressure on the bars in one direction to pressure in the opposite direction.
Gear change lever up
Gear change lever down
Body positioning
Interesting list isn't it? These are the fourteen adjustments a rider can make to change the speed and/or the direction of a motorcycle. You could look over that list and grade yourself, 1 to 10, on each of the fourteen. Mastering any one of them is not difficult, putting them together in the correct order can be.
Braking & Downshifting
Take the very efficient action of smooth, simultaneous, braking and downshifting as an example. You would be doing up to 8 of the above actions within 1 second or less. Furthermore, coming to a full stop and going down through the gears to first, from a sixth gear run at 65 mph, you will have done over 40 individual control manipulations in 150 ft. or less and within roughly a 3 second time span - if you can do it! Any rider worth his salt should be able to do it and do it well.
A Quick Fix
We’ve even invented a training bike to help you learn this skill. We're not trying to rub it in if you can't do it, we're just saying you should be able to and can. It only takes about two minutes of coaching to get the sequence and the timing close enough for you to start practicing it. We'll do it with you at the school. Just ask Keith or any of the riding coaches
Only Half of Riding
Here is the point. These control actions are all of what you can do with your bike and when they go right it's great and when they don't it's less than great. We have conveniently identified the half a dozen or so major errors all riders make while performing the above fourteen and developed drills to correct them. But that is only half of riding.
What's the other half?
The other "half " is made up of at least three kinds of decisions regarding those 14 control actions:
When to use them
How much to use them
Was that corner fun?
Consistently achieving harmony with the above three and the fourteen sum up a confident rider's abilities. Inconsistency could be described as any rider's errors and bad habits. When students start off with our No Brakes/One Gear exercise, it sounds simple. But there are still seven control actions that MUST be performed even without using the brakes and clutch or changing gears. As you move through our training levels and master them, the busy work will transform into fun.
The key skills apply to all riding.

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